How to create a Twitter list for leads

How to Create a List on Twitter for Leads

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Creating a good list of leads to work from can be an invaluable part of pitching prospective clients. You don’t want to pitch just anyone. You want to make sure that they have an interest in what you have to offer. If you’re a blogger, you want to make sure that their product fits your blog. If you’re a brand, you want to make sure that their blog and their style fits your product. You do this in part by monitoring what they tweet about.

How to create a Twitter list for leads

How to Create a List on Twitter for Leads

Twitter can be like a vast ocean. Tweets go by so quickly that it can be difficult to really catch all the tweets from your favorites. Clicking around to 30 different Twitter profiles is much too time consuming.  The solution is learning how to create a list on Twitter.

  • Research who to add. The first step is finding influencers or brands that fit your target. You can search on Twitter for your keywords or try following popular hashtags.  I searched the word “healthy” to create a list of Twitter handles that tweet about health related topics. Of course, you have to look at what the tweets really are to find out of it actually fits your goals.
  • Add to your list. Once you find someone to add to your list, click the gear by their name & select Add to List.
  • Name the list. If this is a new list, it will ask you to name it. If it’s an existing list, just select it.
  • Continue adding people to your list as you find them.

Now that you have a list of leads on Twitter, you need to interact with them. To see your list, in the upper right hand corner, click on your profile picture.  Then select Lists. That will show you all of your lists. Click on the list you want to interact with and it will bring up the tweets from the people you have added to your list.

Now you can monitor conversations from your favorite Twitter handles in one place. See what brands announce new products. See what your favorite bloggers are working on. Monitor new trends.

How do you use Twitter lists?

How to create a Twitter list for leads


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  1. This is so helpful. I was looking for how to do this a couple of weeks ago and struggled to figure it out. I finally sort of made a list (it’s not done), but I haven’t interacted yet. Thanks for the help!

  2. This is so helpful. I really need a list and trying to get organized. I wish my focus was better I head to one thing and bam an email comes and I’m off in a different direction. I bet they call this blogger ADD.

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