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5 Pitfalls of Working at Home You Should Avoid

5 Piftalls of Working at Home You Should Avoid

Have you thought about the pitfalls of working at home? Having a home-based job is a dream for many women, but it’s not without pitfalls if you aren’t careful. Like any other job, there are good things and bad things you need to consider about working at home. If you’ve never been self-employed before, you …

How to Get Started With Retail Arbitrage

How to get started with retail arbitrage

Are you wondering how to get started with retail arbitrage? As the blogging and social media world changes, some people are exploring other ways to earn money while working at home. Blogging has its ups and downs and for some people, we are in a downturn. That’s OK, there are a lot of different ways …

How to Become a Successful Book Review Blog

How to Become a Successful Book Review Blog

Have you ever wondered how to become a successful book review blog? The word “successful” means different things to different people. But, there are a few things that you can do to be sure your book reviews are helpful for both your reader and the author. I’ve been reviewing books for a little over nine …

Your Creative Work Space by Desha Peacock

We are all born with an innate desire to creatively express the essence of who we are. This desire is embedded into our soul, a gift at birth, our own Northern Star in a galaxy full of the unknown. Your physical setting can either hamper or inspire this creative calling. Known for her eclectic style and helping others see the possibility within themselves, their homes, and personal style, Desha Peacock offers you tips on designing a creative work space that will also inspire you to do the work you are meant to do. Peacock’s design tips cover how to: Use your work space to inspire your best work. Choose the right color to enhance your mood. Create a cozy virtual office no matter where you live. Work with a tiny space in a closet or other nook. Mix vintage, modern, and thrift store finds so you can create the style you crave, no matter your budget. Gain more clarity so you can focus on what’s most important to your business or creative life. Your Creative Work Space features full-color photographs of unique, creative work spaces from the traditional home office to the artist’s studio or writing salon.

What does Your Creative Work Space look like? If you’re like me, your office is in the corner of another room. You probably have piles of paper, stacks of boxes, and a little bit of clutter. But, what could it look like to really inspire you to be your best? I received a book for …

5 Blog Productivity Resources You Really DO Need

5 Blog Productivity Resources You Really DO Need

Blog productivity resources? I know, you’ve heard it all before. Everyone has the secret to getting everything done. You’ve tried things in the past but you’ve never really found a routine that works for you. If you are struggling with being more productive, I wanted to share a few suggestions. This post contains affiliate links, …