How to Choose Business Thank You Cards

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Do you use business thank you cards to let valued customers know that you appreciate their loyalty? As a blogger, I occasionally receive a thank you card from a brand or blogging group that I work with regularly. It’s a nice feeling to know that someone appreciates the work you do. As a freelancer, we don’t get a lot of thanks for the work that we do so it’s nice to see a thank you card occasionally.

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How to Choose Business Thank You Cards

Have you ever considered sending out a thank you card to the brands and PR companies you work with regularly? After all, as bloggers, they are our “customers” when you really think about it. When choosing your thank you card, should you use a traditional card? Or a business thank you card? Here are a few things to consider.

Is it seasonal?

Will you be sending a thank you card after each job? Or once a year to thank your best customers? If you’re sending it throughout the year, make sure you choose a generic theme. If you’ll be sending it once a year – say at the holidays – you can choose a Christmas or winter theme.

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Consider the size

If you’ll be mailing the thank you card to clients, consider the size. You’ll want something that the post office will accept without needing extra postage. I look for thank you cards that are about 5″ x 4″ in size.

Preprinted message?

Would you like to have a preprinted message in your thank you card? Or would you prefer to write a message for each customer yourself? You may want to have a preprinted message and then sign your name. Or, have your name and the message printed already. Don’t forget to think about whether or not you want your name and address printed on the envelope for you to save time.


Do you want to have a generic image on your card? Or would you like to have a photograph of yourself or your blog branding on the front of your card? Tiny Prints has a great selection of business thank you cards to choose from, and you can personalize them very affordably!


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