From Wealth to Poverty and Back Again: The Story of Katrina Survivor Jason Lapene

Jason Lapene has made millions in the Atlanta real estate market over the past decade. When he's not selling luxury homes, he often spends his free time feeding the homeless and doing charity work in impoverished neighborhoods. For Jason, this isn't something he does to simply pass the time; it's a passion rooted from personal experience. Over a decade ago, Jason was a succesful realtor in another part of the world, New Orleans but he would soon … [Read more...]

How to Be a Real Estate Investor – A Freedom Mentor Review

Have you wondered how to be a real estate investor? I'm sure you've seen the programs on television where someone buys a home in need of repair, fixes it up and then sells it to make a profit. Have you ever wondered how they do that or if it was something that you could do as well? In today's economy, many people are searching for ways to make money and build wealth. In this Freedom Mentor review, I will give you my thoughts on the book "How to … [Read more...]