How to Automate Your Small Business to Save Time

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Have you wondered how to automate your small business? I’ll admit that being a one-woman show is exhausting at times. It isn’t easy to be the chief cook and bottle washer for your business. There are days that I wish I had a staff, but I don’t so I automate as many things as possible to save time.This post has been sponsored.

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How to Automate Your Small Business to Save Time

Automate Your Small Business

It’s not possible to automate the entire process of owning a small business. But, you can certainly use home automation and social media automation to help save time. Here are a few things that work for me.

Automate Social Media

There are a number of different social sharing plugins and websites for social media. You can add your social media posts directly and then have them sent out automatically based on the dates you pick. Coschedule allows you to schedule out your blog posts into social media and add other shares as well for engagement or sharing other people’s content. Ahalogy lets you schedule out your pins so they can be repinned automatically.

gmail Canned Responses

Most small business owners are inundated with emails. And, while it’s nice to respond to each one individually, it can save quite a bit of time using gmail’s canned response feature. You set up the responses you use regularly and then use them as needed rather than typing up your response every time.

Automate Your Calendar

When you juggle multiple responsibilities, it’s important that your calendar or planner be accurate. You don’t want to miss an important deadline or appointment because you forgot about it. I use home automation to be reminded of important appointments each day. And, the Amazon Echo can sync with my calendar so when I ask for an update on appointments, Alexa can tell me what each appointment is every day.

Home Automation

Of course, it’s possible to use home automation in a variety of ways that can save time for your small business. You can set up your lights on timers, use an automated home security system to screen visitors, and save time on homemaking tasks. As Andrew Charlton says, the future really is all about home automation.

So, if you’re interested in topics like this or would like to learn more about the future of our man-made world, you may find Man Made World: Choosing Between Progress and Planet by Andrew Charlton an interesting read.

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4 thoughts on “How to Automate Your Small Business to Save Time

  1. You are right on point with the automation theme and how it can make your life much less stressful. I listed to a series of lessons online yesterday from David Bach (via CreativeLive) and he believes it’s also invaluable. He recently updated one of his best selling books, The Automatic Millionaire, and pretty much said the theme of his talks that day were make everything automatic. So important as life gets more busy and our plates overfloweth!

  2. I can only image the amount of emails and responses a small business would have in one business day. I’m not sure how one person could do it without something being automated! Great tips!

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