Connecting With Your Reader [8 Ways That Work]

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Are you wondering about connecting with your reader? The best email subscription forms ask for very little information to start. But, the more personalized the emails you send your customers, the more response you’ll get. Therefore, you need to come up with ways to get more information from your customers after they’ve already opted in so that you can ensure that you are sending them the right information. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Connecting With Your Reader [8 Ways That Work]

Connecting With Your Reader

So, what’s the secret to connecting with your reader? Are you wondering how to connect with your audience when writing? Every blog is different. So, you will need to experiment to find out what works the best for you and your readers. But, here are a few tips to get started.

Requirements for connecting with your reader

An email list – You will need some way to connect with your reader on a regular basis. Having them subscribe to your emails is the easiest way. Once they have subscribed, you can create a drip campaign to keep contact.

Survey program – To create a survey, you will need some way to capture their information. You can use something like Google docs or try WP Forms for more options.

Connecting with your reader with a welcome message

Right off the bat, when you send your new subscriber a welcome message to your list, it is a great opportunity to seek more information from them using a web form. Depending on which email marketing program you use, you will need to determine which features it has to collect more information.

Create an opt in welcome message for new subscribers

Another great place to get more information from your subscribers. This can be true of an opt-in thank you page, and a product purchase thank you page. Create a form for the page where your subscriber or buyer can click to provide more information about them to help you serve them better. A newsletter template will help make this process simpler.

Connecting With Your Reader [8 Ways That Work]

Connecting with your reader through polls and quizzes

Periodically, it is helpful to send your list subscribers interactive information such as polls and quizzes. This will help engage your list subscribers in a new way and open them up to providing more information about themselves so that you can personalize your interactions with them even more.

Offer coupons and codes to connect with your readers

Any time a subscriber takes advantage of a coupon code is a good time to collect more information about them so that you can personalize the information you send them. You may have only collected an email and name when they first opted in but when they redeem the code, ask for just a bit more info. You want your reader to be able to relate to you.

Request a response to a question or comment

Sending out an email to your subscribers requesting a response such as a comment on your blog, or for them to fill out a form, or to ask you a question that you’ll answer on your blog, is a good way to get more information about each subscriber that can be used to create more personalized messages.

Connecting With Your Reader [8 Ways That Work]

Offer surprise gifts to connect with your readers

You probably gave your subscriber a freebie when they signed up for your list. You can use the same tactic in your subscriptions to get more information from your subscribers. Offer them a new free gift for some sort of action taken. Then, use that information to connect with them through your writing.

Offer your subscribers a variety of options

A good way to get more information is to offer your subscribers various preferences they can choose for the type of information they want. If you have more than one type of list, why not give them a chance to get on other lists that you have at this point?

Use drip email campaigns based on behaviors

Moving your subscribers from list to list due to the behavior that they demonstrate is a great way to personalize the information that your subscribers receive. For instance, if they click through to buy something, they should be moved to a new list.

Don’t just try one time to connect with your readers. Take time to build the trust between you and your subscribers and as time goes on, ask more questions and seek more feedback. Then you can make the information you send them more personal than ever before. The more personal your messaging is to them, the more response you’re likely to get.

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  1. I appreciate the forms that ask more questions about my needs rather than just random facts, like who is in my household and how much money I make. I really like being offered something other than daily emails since i seldom can keep up with that anymore. I always enjoy your posts since we seem to have similar interests! Who else would share my passion for Comet TV and also post on beauty and health?! Thanks for all your enjoyable blogs!

  2. I definitely like when I am able to customize what I want from a website. I like getting subscriber only materials too. Great tips here!

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