900 free email newsletter templates

900 Free Email Newsletter Templates

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Putting together a newsletter can take quite a bit of time. When you’re running your own business, time isn’t something that you have a lot of. As a business owner, you often wear multiple hats: product creation, marketing, customer service, accounting, etc. I’m always looking for easy solutions that are cost effective.  This post has been sponsored but the story is my own.

900 free email newsletter templates

900 Free Email Newsletter Templates

I love having a newsletter for my blogs and small business ventures, but I’ve never been very good at putting it together so it looks professional. I’ve tried a few templates in the past, but they just weren’t quite right for the business I had. Mailify is a comprehensive email marketing solution that helps users of all skill levels design, send, and track effective email newsletters and marketing campaigns.

900 free newsletter templates

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With Mailify, you can create a newsletter without needing to know any HTML. There are over 900 free templates to choose from with many industry specific choices that takes a lot of the work out of creating something that’s unique for your business. There are over 1,000 stock images for you to choose from when creating your newsletter so there is no need to worry about your newsletter looking like all the rest.

900 free email newsletter templates

Of course, as a business owner, I want numbers to show me if what I’m doing is working. With Mailify, you get all the statistics and analytics you expect including the option to do split A/B testing. It automatically handles bounces, duplicates, and even corrects common spelling typos.

900 free email newsletter templates

Unlike some newsletters, there is a WordPress plugin for bloggers looking for a quick solution to newsletter creation. In just a few clicks, the Mailify plugin will generate a form widget that can be placed in any “widget area” your theme allows. You can customize this form by adding whichever input fields you want, determining which fields are required, and even customizing the call to action text in your button. All of the information entered into this form by a subscriber will automatically be sent to Mailify and stored in your “Newsletter Subscribers” contact list.

For those that are not all that technical (like me), you’ll be thrilled to know that support is free (and FAST!) plus there are a number of helpful videos you can watch that will walk you through the steps necessary to get up and running.

If you’re looking for a newsletter option that’s customizable, I urge you to try Mailify. Users can try Mailify for free to send their first 5,000 emails.

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  1. It’s great that Mailify has 900 free email newsletter templates that are available! Love that you can customize and that it keeps track of all the stats and analytics. It’s very efficient!

  2. Mailify sounds like a great newsletter option. Do they allow you to include ads within your newsletter? I love the feature of getting the statistics and analytics.

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