5 Powerful Tips for Writing Titles to Pull Clicks

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Wondering about tips for writing titles that pull in clicks? In the blogging world, getting people to read your content is what it’s all about. Improving your open rate is one of the ways you can get more readers. And, you can encourage your readers to open your article and read your content is by writing compelling titles.

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5 Powerful Tips for Writing Titles to Pull Clicks

Tips for Writing Titles

The better your title is, the more likely people will read your article. The more readers you have, the more opportunities you’ll have to work with quality brands and public relations firms like Nancy Behrman. Your title is the single most important sentence of your entire article. Its job is to get people to open the article and read the rest. How can you write titles that other people want to open? Here are a few important things to think about.

Start with a Great Topic

The first step to a great title is a great topic. The title’s job is simply to convey the topic as interestingly as possible. In order for the title to be effective, the topic itself still has to be interesting to the reader.

Know what your reader wants. Know what they want to hear and what they want to read about. Choose your topics accordingly.

And, having a great topic and a great article makes writing a great title much easier.

Use Power Words

Use words that titillate the senses, that create emotions and that bring visualizations to mind. In other words, use powerful words rather than descriptive words.

Now, one carefully chosen, well-placed power word can change the vibe of the whole title.

For example, instead of: Tips for Making a Speech
Try: High Impact Tips for Making a Dynamic Speech

These two power words – “High Impact” and “Dynamic” – completely change how the whole title is perceived.

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Use Numbers & Specifics

Specifics and numbers tend to do very well. Use specific locations, number of tips, names of people, etc.

Again, taking our previous example:

Instead of: High Impact Tips for Making a Dynamic Speech
Try: 31 High Impact Tips for Making a Dynamic Speech
Or: Tips for Making a Dynamic Speech by a Former Champion Speaker

The difference between the first sentence and the latter two sentences are specifics. Specifics give titles more weight and makes them seem more real and powerful.

Get Inspiration from Other Writers

Now, if you ever find yourself having trouble writing a title, just Google your main keyword.

How are other writers writing their titles? What kind of topics are they targeting?

What techniques are they using to write their titles? Are they using specifics? News? Names? Power words?

Don’t copy a title. It’ll hurt your search engine rankings and can be taken as plagiarism. That said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using other people’s titles as inspiration.

Vary Things Up

Finally, change your tactics around. Don’t use a power word in every title. Don’t use specific numbers in every title.

And, you’ll want your article titles to be different from one another to avoid them sounding too similar and turning readers off.

These are a few proven ways to increase your click-through rates and open rates. Start with a great topic. Sprinkle in a power word or two to make your title come alive. Use a specific or two, if applicable. Get inspiration if you get stuck. And finally, remember to always vary things up.

So, as you master these tips for writing titles to attract new readers and improving your content, you’ll find that more brands and public relations companies like Nancy Behrman will be interested in working with you.

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  1. You have some great tips here! As a follower of many blogs, I definitely have some blog’s emails that I tend to open more than others. While a good, descriptive title is great, I like to see a preview of the post on the email and not just a title. Pictures definitely pull me in! Especially if it is food or a craft.

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