5 Common Grammar Errors You May be Missing

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Last Updated on December 2, 2022 by Ellen

How good are you at catching these common grammar errors? Are you publishing your blog posts without proofreading or spellchecking them? Do you review your contributors’ posts for plagiarism or common mistakes?

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5 Common Grammar Errors You May be Missing

5 Common Grammar Errors

We all make mistakes, but isn’t it better when we catch them before we publish our blog posts? There is nothing I hate more than receiving an email from a reader (or worse from a brand) to let me know that my latest blog post has a spelling or grammar error. How embarrassing!

Here are 5 common grammar errors that you may be missing when you proofread (and a secret way to catch them all).

Subject / Verb Agreement

  • WRONG: The two best things about blogging is flexibility and being able to work at home.
  • RIGHT: The two best things about blogging ARE flexibility and being able to work at home.

Missing Comma After Introductory Phrase

  • WRONG: In case you haven’t heard spring will be here eventually.
  • RIGHT: In case you haven’t heard, spring will be here eventually.

Missing Comma in Compound Sentence

  • WRONG: I have too much to do and I need a cup of coffee.
  • RIGHT: I have too much to do, and I need a cup of coffee.

Misplaced Modifier

  • WRONG: While walking on the beach, she found a broken crab’s shell.
  • RIGHT: While walking on the beach, she found a crab’s broken shell.

Colon Errors

  • WRONG: People start a garden for: flowers, vegetables, and fruit.
  • RIGHT: People start a garden for three reasons: flowers, vegetables, and fruit.

Which of these common grammar errors do you make? I know that I’m far from perfect and often get my comma placement wrong, at least I used to. Now I catch all of my errors before the brand or my readers see them using Grammarly. Grammarly is a tool you can use to check your spelling and grammar in your blog posts, social media shares, and even your word processor.

It really is the world’s best automated proofreader

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24 thoughts on “5 Common Grammar Errors You May be Missing

  1. Interesting post. LOL Now, don’t go checking my grammar on this comment. I am working on a book about my daughter’s suicide 16 months ago and how it effected us. I already know I will need an editor. These days, it’s hard enough to function, let alone have everything grammatically correct.

  2. I’ve seen Grammarly here and there, but haven’t used it myself. I think online journalists associated with newspapers could really benefit from this. Bloggers have more freedom to express themselves through the way they (we) write, but newspaper journalists not being mindful of grammatical errors, misspellings and sloppy proofreading REALLY irks me. I personally think that texting, social media and other platforms intensify poor grammar habits, but that’s a whole ‘nother issue.

    • I agree that we have more freedom than journalists. But, I still don’t like to submit work to brands or my readers with glaring errors 🙂

  3. This was a good article. Especially for budding authors. It is really annoying to constantly see grammar and punctuation errors when reading a book. At least it is for us grammar police! Ha Ha.

  4. I used to be annoyed by grammar errors I’d see online but guess I’m getting used to it. Misplaced modifiers can be downright amusing sometimes! I hate it when I see a spelling or grammar mistake I just made and I can’t correct it in an online comment box. I usually make a note in the reply box since I don’t want to foster that bad grammar! I tend not to catch my grammar errors when I don’t have my readers on, which is usually in the morning. I will have to try Grammarly.

    • Grammar errors still annoy me. But, I am more worried about me making a mistake that someone sees.

  5. I am always concerned about my Grammar especially at work! I am usually right, but sometimes I question myself so any help or advice is terrific for me.

  6. I sometimes forget about commas in compound sentences – I always have to watch out for that one!

  7. Nice read! These are all very common mistakes that in sure we are all guilty of at one point or another, but it’s helpful to brush up on the proper way to write 🙂

  8. I am a Grammar Witch! Poor grammar is squeaky chalk on the chalk board! News broadcasts, advertising, the dumbing-down of America is underway.

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