How Can I Disinfect My Computer and Office Equipment?

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Are you asking yourself “How can I disinfect my computer and office equipment?” I went back to work about a year ago when blogging slowed down. So, every day, I work in an office with other people. And, it’s far too easy to transmit germs back and forth in that type of situation.

How Can I Disinfect My Computer and Office Equipment?

How Can I Disinfect My Computer

So, given the fact that multiple people touch keyboards, mouses, telephones, copy machines and other traditional office equipment, what exactly can you do to mitigate the spread of germs?

The best thing that you can do is to wash your hands and keep your hands away from your face. That said, there are things that you can do to keep shared areas clean and germ-free. It’s not always possible to never touch the same office equipment as other people when you work outside of the home.

How can I disinfect my laptop or computer?

The most important thing to remember when trying to disinfect a computer or other type of electronics is that you cannot get it wet. So, you can use a damp cloth or a damp cotton ball. But, do not use a dripping wet cloth or get water into any ports.

hand on a computer keyboard

Using a soft chamois cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol, gently wipe the surfaces of your keyboard or mouse. If you have them, you can also use disinfecting wipes with bleach or Lysol. But, a soft cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol will disinfect your computer just as well.

Be sure to clean each key as well as the sides and bottom of your keyboard just in case. And, use a separate cloth or wipe to clean your mouse and mousepad.

How Can I Disinfect My Computer and Office Equipment?

Can I use Lysol wipes on computer screens?

According to their website, Lysol wipes are safe for computer monitors as well as touch screen monitors. Use caution not to press too hard. And, remember that it’s important to keep water and cleaning solution away from the ports, camera, and microphone.

Can you use Clorox wipes on laptop screens?

While you can carefully use Clorox wipes to clean the mouse and keyboard, Clorox says that you should not use bleach to clean computer monitors or touch screens.

How Can I Disinfect My Computer and Office Equipment?

Can I use hand sanitizer to clean my laptop?

Yes, I found out that I can use a soft cloth with hand sanitizer on it to disinfect my computer. Just be sure that the sanitizer has at least 60% isopropyl alcohol in it to be effective in killing germs.

Phones, copiers and shared office equipment

You can use the same procedures to disinfect your telephones, copy machine and shared office equipment. The key is to keep liquids away from sensitive areas of the electronics.

Here are a few other things that you might want to try if you find yourself without Lysol wipes or hand sanitizer.

And, if you’re feeling stressed out about the whole situation, here are a few stress management activities you can try.

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