Working from Home With Kids Without Losing Your Mind

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Working from home with kids is a challenge that many people are facing right now. Whether you’re trying to get a new post up on your blog or need to telework from your day job, having the kids around can making things more difficult.

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Working from Home With Kids Without Losing Your Mind

Working from Home With Kids

If you’re working from home with kids, the key is to keep them entertained and relatively quiet. If you’re very lucky, you have a small office that you can work from. But, if you don’t, you should try to find a room that’s nearby the kids but not the same room they’re in. This will at least give you a buffer between where you are and they are.

How do I get work done with kids?

Of course, working from home with kids will be easier if you have someone there to watch the kids while you work. This could be a spouse or an older sibling. If that’s not possible, the next best thing is to keep them occupied doing something they enjoy so you can get something done.

child playing with a sensory bin

Working from home with toddlers

You cannot really leave a toddler unsupervised safely. So, working from home with kids that are toddler aged is especially difficult. You will probably need to keep them nearby doing busy work or watching a video. Popular toddler safe activities include sensory bins, eye spy bottles, and homemade play-dough.

You probably won’t be able to get a full 8 hour day in with a toddler. Your best option will be to schedule conference calls during nap time. And, you can try to get as much work done while they are playing quietly.

woman holding a baby

Tips for working from home with a baby

If you need to be able to do computer work, your best option will be to carry your baby on your back while you do this. Babies are often less fussy while carried. However, front carrying can be a challenge if you are trying to work on the computer. Bouncy chairs or swings may also be an option that works for you if you need your hands free.

While it’s tempting to schedule all of your work while your baby naps, don’t neglect your own health. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep during this process. And, if you need to take a nap during the baby’s nap time, work will wait.

Working from Home With Kids Without Losing Your Mind

Work at home mom schedule

It can be tempting to create a schedule when it comes to working at home with kids. But, remember that most children don’t have a strict schedule. And while it’s easy to schedule work when you’re away from home. It can be more difficult when you have the kids to deal with.

Remember that you cannot do it all. If you need to put off housework for a few days to meet work deadlines while you work at home, that’s OK. Try carving out small blocks of time to work at home rather than several hours at a time. Your child may only be capable of entertaining themselves for twenty or thirty minutes. Work during the time when they are quiet elsewhere. And, remember that you need to give them your attention too.

Working from Home With Kids Without Losing Your Mind

If they are old enough, let them sit next to you at your desk and give them their own paper, an old calendar, and some markers. Let them pretend to be office workers with a calculator or an old laptop. Remember to engage with them by asking them what they’re doing. And suggest you have “lunch out” by creating a special lunch in the kitchen for just the two of you to enjoy.

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