Headshot Photography Tips for Your Blog

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If you’re still struggling with getting a great photo for your blog or social media channels, check out these headshot photography tips. Having a headshot on your blog and social media channels rather than using clip art is a great way to let a brand or sponsor see the real you.

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Headshot Photography Tips for Your Blog and Social Media

Headshot Photography Tips

Not every blog uses a headshot especially if they are multi-author blogs. But, for those of us that are the only writers on our sites, a headshot is a very important part of branding. It’s more than just a photograph. Here are a few headshot photography tips to keep in mind.

Choosing an outfit

What you wear can depend on what you write about. If you have a food blog, consider wearing an apron, chef hat or holding a potholder and a casserole dish. If you are a pet blogger, why not hold your cat or dog. Fashion bloggers will want to wear the type of outfit they normally wear in fashion shoots while avoiding anything overly branded that might turn off a potential sponsor.

Avoid all one color or too many contrasting patterns which can make your photo look busy. Be sure that the colors you’re wearing are good for your complexion and match whatever the background is you’re standing near.

Headshot Photography Tips for Your Blog and Social Media

Smile and look natural

It’s tough to look natural when you’re having your photo taken but try to have a natural smile rather than something that is forced. Not everyone is meant to smile showing their teeth. So, please smile naturally or you’ll end up looking artificial.

Showcase your personality

Unlike a business headshot, a headshot for your blog needs to say something about who you are and what your blog or your lifestyle is all about. Show off a stack of your favorite books. A look into your kitchen or craft room or a photograph of you exercising can work as well. Don’t feel that you need to limit yourself to only your head and shoulders.

Location, location

A headshot for your blog doesn’t need to be you against a while wall. And, it shouldn’t be. Choose a location that will make you stand out from the other bloggers. Go outside. Find a landmark in your town. Shoot your photo in your kitchen, your garden, the local gym or wherever else fits what you write about. Just remember to take quite a few photographs to get the best one.

Headshot Photography Tips for Your Blog and Social Media

Use a DSLR camera

While phone cameras have come a long way, using a DSLR camera and shooting in manual will give you a much higher quality photograph. Learning to shoot in manual can be a challenge but it really will give you far better control over the quality of your photograph.

Some bloggers choose to take their own headshots either with a tripod and timer or with the help of a friend. But, if you would rather have your headshot taken professionally, that’s certainly a great idea as well.

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