How to Make Lists That Are Realistic

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Wondering how to make lists that are realistic? Keep reading for a few simple tips. I am the queen of all list makers. I have lists at work, lists for my blog, lists for housework, etc. Everywhere you look I have printed out a list that I need to refer to.

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How to Make Lists That Are Realistic and Get Stuff Done

How to Make Lists

Anyone can make a list. But, figuring out how to make lists that are realistic is what makes the entire process worthwhile. Most of us make lists because there are things that we want to accomplish we’re afraid we may forget. Writing it down or typing it and printing it out will help serve as a visual reminder.

How do you categorize a list?

I find it easiest to have different lists for different categories. In other words, I have a list of things I need to accomplish at work. And, I have a list of housework projects I want to get done at home. Plus, there is another list of blogging projects. That way, I can prioritize the most important things on each of my lists.

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How do you prioritize a list?

The easiest way for me to prioritize a list is to keep the most important things at the top. I write things that must be done first. And, if there is a specific deadline involved, I write that date down as well. After the “must do” projects, I list items that need to be done but aren’t as urgent. This means that I can focus on the most important tasks first.

How to make a realistic to do list

It can be tempting to write down everything that pops into your head. But, that isn’t overly realistic. You want your to-do list to be one that you can complete. And, if you cannot complete everything, you can at least complete things by the deadlines. If you write down 75 things that you want to get done today, you’ll become overwhelmed and not stick to your list. Instead, write down only what you can actually accomplish in the time you have.

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How to stick to a to-do list

It’s not easy to stick to a to-do list. It’s very simple to print out a list of things you want to do. But, it’s much more difficult to actually do the things on the list. I find that printing out the list and leaving it in a place I’m sure to see it really helps. Don’t rely on a to-do list app because once your phone is off or in your bag, you’ll never think of it again. I cannot tell you how many apps I have loaded onto my phone with great intentions only to forget about them completely within 48 hours. I don’t even bother any longer.

Print the list out and place it on your desk, stick it to the refrigerator, or stick it on the mirror in the bathroom. Just be sure that you put it somewhere you will see it every day. I also like to color code the list once I’ve printed it out. I highlight things that are complete in one color and things that I need information for in another. That way, I can see in one quick glance what the status is.

How to Make Lists That Are Realistic and Get Stuff Done

How to make lists that get stuff done

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