How to Negotiate With Brands [5 Actionable Tips]

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Have you been wondering how to negotiate with brands who offer less than you charge for work? Work is slower in the summer for many bloggers, and that means that there is more competition for opportunities. When that happens, many bloggers consider dropping their rates to get more work. But, is that the best option? This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

How to Negotiate With Brands [5 Actionable Tips]

How to Negotiate With Brands

We’ve all been there. A brand emails you and asks for your rates for an upcoming sponsored post. You get excited and reply back only to learn that their budget is half of what you usually charge. Do you decline? Do you drop your rates? Or, do you negotiate? If you’re wondering how to negotiate with brands, here are a few tips.

Know Your Bottom Line

If you absolutely will not take less than your standard rate, be aware of that before you start negotiating. You have to be willing to turn down the opportunity if it isn’t worth it to you. If you know that you’ll give a 25% discount but not lower, figure out what that bottom value is and be prepared to say no if they can’t meet it.

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Know Your Worth

Brands often have a set rate that they offer to every blogger for the same campaign regardless of any other factors. You need to be able to tell them WHY you’re worth more. Do you take magazine quality photographs? Is your niche very narrow? Do you have incredible engagement on your social media channels? Decide what makes you stand out in the blogging world and be worth more and then tell them that. Put together a brand collaboration proposal that details why you’re special.

Don’t React Quickly

You may feel like you have to send off an answer the second they respond to your email. But, you don’t. Take time to think about their response and decide what you want to say and how you can best say it. This may take a few hours depending on the complexity of the reply. Don’t feel pressured to respond the minute you get an answer. There are always more brands looking for bloggers.

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Offer Added Value

Consider adding in something extra if they’ll meet your rate. Maybe their price didn’t include promotion on social media, but this is something you do with your posts anyway. Or, perhaps you can add in extra social media advertising. Or a small sidebar ad if they can meet your budget. Consider your options carefully.

Ask for Something Extra

If their rate is indeed set and they have no room for negotiation, consider asking for something extra. Can they send you product in addition to payment? No, that won’t pay the bills, but if it’s something you would buy anyway, it might be worth it to you. Can they commit to two posts instead of just one? Can they pay to boost your post? There are a lot of brands that work with bloggers that can offer extra to sweeten the deal.

When all is said and done, if you are still not happy with the rate, then you need to decline. However learning how to negotiate with brands often results in getting more than you were first offered.

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  1. My daughter-in-law does this and that happened to her, she was spending way too much time doing reviews for the amount of money she received. She contacted them and they reduced the amount she had to review and game her more money.

  2. This is interesting. I can barely write a complaint to a company, when I’m not happy with a product.

  3. this applies to so many more positions than just blogging. Truthfully, I never realized bloggers were that into negotiating their prices.

  4. I often think it would be interesting to have a blog. However, with working full-time I just wouldn’t be able to devote time to it.

  5. I have had to turn down opportunities because they were too demanding and not worth the time. I used to feel bad about it, but you really can’t let it get to you.

  6. This was an interesting article to read, even tho I don’t have a blog! I love reading what other folks do for work, what all goes into their job, and what they need to do. Thanks for sharing!

  7. These are some really great tips. I have wanted to get into blogging for the past two years but my health hasn’t allowed me to do so. I hope one day I can to start making some money as well as have something to do that is constructive.

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