Polaroid’s Latest Instant Digital Picture Camera is Full of Surprises

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Last Updated on December 28, 2017 by Ellen

Have you heard about the latest instant digital picture camera from Polaroid? Polaroid, it’s the ultimate in brand name recognition and brings back memories of the classic Polaroid 600 from years gone by. Taking a quick pic through your smartphone is one way to commemorate new memories, but there’s something about taking a picture and then instantly holding it in your hand that brings real joy to people of all ages. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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 Polaroid's Latest Instant Digital Picture Camera is Full of Surprises

Instant Digital Picture Camera

Polaroid Snap TouchPolaroid Snap Touch

The new Polaroid Snap Touch is recreating classic instant photography. Now you can snap, print and share your photos instantly with all the nostalgia of the classic Polaroid print technology, but with the quality of new modern digital photography. It’s compact, fits in your pocket and is budget-friendly!

Polaroid Snap Touch’s 10 Megapixels, 32 GB Micro SD memory saves every photo as digital and also allows you to print it out Zink Zero Ink technology providing beautiful, clear 2×3′ full-color prints. You can snap your picture and have a printed image in your hands in about 35 seconds. What else? You can take 1080 HD video, use the built-in selfie mirror and benefit from the pop-up flash for low-light memory-making!

The Polaroid Snap Touch harmonizes a desire to have a fun camera, instant prints and video memories all in one. It would be perfect for kids, teens, wedding table memories, family vacations and so much more! With app-driven creative & new Bluetooth connectivity, snap one up for $179.99 at Ritz Camera (receive free shipping too) and share your pictures instantly! Choose between blue, red, white and black. You can even upgrade your memory to 128 GB with a Polaroid 128GB Elite Pro MicroSDXC UHS-1 Card with Adapter!

What do you think of the latest instant digital picture camera from Polaroid?

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50 thoughts on “Polaroid’s Latest Instant Digital Picture Camera is Full of Surprises

  1. Polaroid use to be a good camera. Looks like they are making a come back. I will be sure and check this out! Thank you!

  2. This would be great to have! I like that you can print the pictures from the camera which makes it convenient and you save money. This is definitely a must have item

  3. I saved up my Amazon gift cards to get an Instax from Fujifilm, so I could sent pics to my folks. They don’t have a computer and will not get one and I have an very old cell phone I don’t take pics with, so I’m really interested in this. I will start saving my pennies for this one. My grandma had an old Polaroid I fondly remember and it was so much fun. Good memories and still have those pics.

  4. I have been planning on getting this for my daughter,I was unaware it took video as well,thats great.

  5. It’s wonderful they have brought the polaroid back. My daughter just asked me about these “instant” pictures the other day. I used many of the old polaroids and have some great memories with them.

  6. Sounds like my kinda camera love the features and all this camera does great post thanks for this great info …we are looking to get a new camera thanks…

  7. This looks like a fun little camera. I remember when Poloroid cameras first came out.

  8. This camera looks perfect for my daughter! I also love that you can upgrade your memory!

  9. I am so excited to get one of these cameras. I love the concept and think it will be so much fun to take pics of my grandson with.

  10. Yes, it was fun in the old days watching the photo show up. But, the quality was marginal. Much better photo quality with the new models. And, much less bulky. Fun for parties. The memory a ability is a great addition too.

  11. I love how the past is meeting up with new innovations; great blends occur like this camera. Have been seeing them advertised lately but, didn’t read much into the until now. Thanks for posting.

  12. The Polaroid Snap looks really nice, & I love that it takes instant pics like Polaroid’s old cameras used to. This updated camera version has a lot of nice additions to it, like being able to download your pics to your laptop. My nephews would love having cameras like these as they take lots of pictures. Will share with them. Thanks!

  13. We had the old school one growing up. And then I had the mini one they came out with when I was in highschool (late 1990’s). I look forward to adding this to my collection one day!

  14. I did not know about this camera. It does take me back to when I was a kid. I remember we would take the Polaroid camera we had and take a picture. Then we would shake the picture until the image showed up. It was fun.

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