How Networking Trends Can Help You Connect and Conquer

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Do you keep on top of the latest networking trends? Are you not quite sure what the term means? Networking is basically connecting with others and cooperating with them to exchange information and to develop contacts generally with the end result of furthering your career. In a nutshell, it’s meeting other people, helping them with their goals, and in return, being helped with yours. No matter what industry you’re in, networking trends are something you should be aware of so you can continue to grow your influence and meet others with similar goals. I received a fascinating book for review called Networking Karma that was written by Gail Tolstoi-Miller who is CEO of Consultnetworx. Her clients include many Fortune 500s and technology startups.

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How Networking Trends Can Help You Connect and ConquerHow Networking Trends Can Help You Connect and Conquer

Are you Awkward? Uncertain? Even jittery at networking events? Author Gail Tolstoi-Miller, an award-winning entrepreneur and successful CEO, feels your pain. In fact, she spent years experiencing the same emotions when networking. An avowed introvert, Gail discovered a powerful and universal law of connecting, she calls Networking Karma. And when she embraced it, Gail put those anxious, apprehensive interactions behind her to become a career coach and owner of a networking event planning company. Now, Tolstoi-Miller shares her secrets with you in her new book, Networking Karma.

If you are trying desperately to get past the constant inadequacy you feel every time you try to attend a networking event, this book is for you! Networking Karma is a mindful approach to living that asks you to consider each chance meeting and budding relationship as an opportunity to inform, assist, advocate or connect others. “Embracing this spirit of selflessness,” Tolstoi-Miller says, “is the key to building a professional and personal fan base; one that will ultimately return your kindness in unknown and awesome ways.”

Networking Karma proves that life is not “all about me.” In fact, Tolstoi-Miller reveals that the most successful networkers are on a constant mission of “giving.”
Throughout this book, you will explore dozens of essential and specific Networking Karma to-do’s; powerful ideas you can implement immediately. Shared by some of today’s hottest thought leaders, speakers, and business trailblazers, these proven tactics are absolutely essential to getting the edge you need to succeed in business and in life.

Written in a fast-paced, no-holds-barred style and steeped in real-world situations, Networking Karma reveals:

  • The negative beliefs that hold you back from networking success, and the 6 empowering steps to overcome them.
  • Why Speed Networking is more fun and effective than absolutely any traditional networking method you’ve ever tried.
  • 3 unique and foolproof strategies for breaking the ice at your next networking event.
  • The 3 vital building blocks to your personal branding success.
  • A surprising fashion “don’t” that may make you appear more successful to others.
  • 10 ways your body language can work to your advantage
  • The simple secret to creating a strong elevator pitch and the best place to test it out.
  • How to turn passive listening into active listening, to attract important new contacts.
  • Smart strategies for bringing stalled conversations to an end—without offending!
  • 3 creative approaches to business card design that will launch countless conversations
  • How to provide value, build awareness, nurture relationship and establish relevance through proper social media avenues
  • The dramatic personal and professional benefits you can acquire through mentoring relationships.
  • BONUS: The #1, can’t-fail networking approach to becoming the most visible and unforgettable person in the room. Hint: It’s all about Karma.
  • PLUS, exclusive guides, cheat sheets, checklists and secret resources, available only to Networking Karma readers.
  • Read Networking Karma and integrate its law and lessons into your life. No matter how introverted, shy, awkward or uncertain you are when it comes to networking,
  • You’ll get past your sticking points and see your relationships–and dreams–take shape.

Networking Karma is more than an informational book. There are dozens of simple to-do’s in the book that will help you get on your way towards more effective networking. If you often feel uncomfortable at blogging conferences or events, this book can really give you helpful hints to start taking advantage of networking opportunities. I really found the section on LinkedIn to be very helpful. That’s an area I want to work on this year.

If you’re interested in networking (and you should be), you’ll want to pick up a copy of Networking Karma today. Once you do, you’ll have access to exclusive guides, cheat sheets, checklists and secret resources, available only to Networking Karma readers.

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4 thoughts on “How Networking Trends Can Help You Connect and Conquer

  1. I am not a natural networker and I know it’s something you get better at the more you participate. I’ve started looking at my local area to see what fun ways I can start networking and work my way up. This is a nice inexpensive book to start with and it’s a great price currently at Walmart.

  2. I feel that it is kind of unbelievable that I have friended or followed others from around the world! I mean actually posted conversations with them! It is so mind – blowing!! The world is getting smaller and we don’t even half to leave our home! IF I was looking to build a business or promote a product, than this would be the book for me! I really joined a few of these Social Media sites to do just that – socialize! I am not a polished person. That’s why I could never be a sales person! I’d probably give away my profits!

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