Digital Tricks that Every Company Needs to Know about Web Design

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The internet is no doubt one of the most evolutionary developments out there. Today, the internet has become one of the main source that has provided a worldwide connection for regular individuals and companies. Every company has created an online image for their brand to display what they can do on the internet. However, when it comes to web design, there are some tricks that every company needs to be aware of. Thank you to the sponsor for partnering for this conversation.

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Digital Tricks that Every Company Needs to Know about Web Design

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Digital Web Design Tricks Every Company Must Know

1-Web Design and SEO Trick.

Web design and search engine optimization are two elements that must flow perfectly together. Every business must fully understand that a well-built website along with correct SEO can lead to great brand exposure.

2-Mobile Friendly Device.

Mobile web design has become a new standard online. A web design trick to increase SEO ranks can be done by making a website mobile friendly. Mobile users expect the convenience of a website to auto resizing for their device and have all the standard elements for mobile device use. Creating a better user experience for mobile visitors will increase the website stay time on page, thus, improve SEO ranks.Note, the viewport tag is essential to make a regular site into a mobile friendly.

3-Videos and Animations.

Both videos and engaging UI animations are both digital web design tricks that every company must apply onto their website home page. It has been proven that a website landing page with a video or animation is seen much more creative, thus, attract the web visitor to like the company page even further. Note, a digital animation should play out a digitally inviting story.

Creating the right web design for your company can produce a better visual image online. Use the above 3 digital web design tricks to get great insight for your business.

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  1. I find when your wesibte has moving parts, such as videos or GIFs people tend to be pulled in more. These are definitely great tips for starters!

  2. These are great! That is still a lot of web sites that are not mobile friendly. Or, not friendly at all! Thanks!

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