Where to find free photos for commercial use

Where to Find Free Photos for Commercial Use

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Photography is very important to your blog post. Whether you are writing about a recipe, a home repair, a fashion post or a list on changing market trends, you need a photo give your readers a visual draw. In many cases, you can and should take your own photographs.  In some cases, you need to figure out where to find free photos for commercial use.

Where to find free photos for commercial use

Where to Find Free Photos for Commercial Use

Photographs belong to the people who take them. You should never use a photograph you find randomly online unless you have the author’s specific permission to do that. Just linking back to the site you found the photo on or mentioning where it came from in most cases is not enough. Using photographs in ways that you haven’t received permission for can result in fines and lawsuits.

There are a few definitions you need to understand first.

  • Attribution – A concept in photography where you give credit to the source of the photograph.
  • Commercial Use – The use of a photograph in any way that earns you money.
  • Creative Commons – A non-profit organization with the goal of providing images that can be legally shared with conditions.
  • Royalty Free Images – Images that can be used without royalty fees with certain conditions. You may be required to pay a license fee.

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There are a number of different sites that offer photos for commercial use. Some require attribution. Some require a fee. It’s very important that you look at the conditions for each photograph before you use it. Never assume you can use it on your blog without checking. If you earn money in any way on your blog – whether a sponsored post, advertising or affiliate income, the images you use must be intended for commercial use.

These are a few of my favorite sites:

For more photography related articles, visit a few of my favorite bloggers:

Where to find free photos for commercial use

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15 thoughts on “Where to Find Free Photos for Commercial Use

  1. I see a few new sources on here! I use Pixabay a lot for basic stuff. I absolutely LOVE unsplash for really gorgeous, more unique shots. I also recently found Picjumbo in my “blogging stuff” folder. I had bookmarked it but never checked it out. They have a decent selection, also free, no attribution required. Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. I use Morguefile a lot, but am always looking for a new site to search. Thanks for the great list as there are a few I have not seen before now.

  3. Hi Ellen, please check out http://www.upicm.com for free pics with no attribution required. All images are pre-optimised for web use so they load fast and look sharp on all devices. The number of images is growing fast too. Thanks for the opportunity to share – Declan

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