How to Avoid Blogger Burnout

How can you avoid blogger burnout? I've been blogging for almost nine years, and I've watched bloggers come and go during that time. Bloggers become hugely successful then burn out and disappear. Why? For the most part, it isn't that they're no longer successful. It's often because they've burned out and given up. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. How to … [Read more...]

Join the One2One Network

If you're a blogger that is interested in working with brands on sponsored content, you should join the One2One Network if you aren't already a member. Sponsored content is one way that I earn money on my sites. While some of it comes direct from brands, some opportunities are shared through blogging groups like the One2One Network. I've had the chance to work one some fun music sharing campaigns that I really enjoyed through this network. I'm … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Monetize Your Blog That Aren’t Amazon

Looking for ways to monetize your blog? Several years ago, I was monetizing my site almost entirely through the Amazon affiliate program. Yes, I had some ad network ads up as well, but as far as affiliate income, Amazon was what I did. Then, one day, Vermont decided to become a nexus state and I was no longer eligible for the Amazon affiliate program. I'm far from an expert but basically, states that become nexus states change how they collect … [Read more...]

From Wealth to Poverty and Back Again: The Story of Katrina Survivor Jason Lapene

Jason Lapene has made millions in the Atlanta real estate market over the past decade. When he's not selling luxury homes, he often spends his free time feeding the homeless and doing charity work in impoverished neighborhoods. For Jason, this isn't something he does to simply pass the time; it's a passion rooted from personal experience. Over a decade ago, Jason was a succesful realtor in another part of the world, New Orleans but he would soon … [Read more...]

5 Conference Must Haves for Bloggers

Which of these conference must-haves do you consider the most vital? Conferences can be a fantastic way to meet new friends and new business contacts. Relationships you develop may lead to future opportunities for your blog. Whether you see conferences as a great way to learn new information or a great place to have fun with friends, there are a few things that you won't want to leave home without. This post contains affiliate links, and I will … [Read more...]

5 Free Plugins Every Blogger Needs

I don't like to spend a lot of money on my blogs when I don't need to. Don't get me wrong, there are times a paid plugin is definitely worth it. But, when possible I turn to free plugins to give me the functionality that I need. Here are five free plugins that I feel are necessary for every blogger. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links 5 Free Plugins Every … [Read more...]

How to Write a Good Amazon Review

Learning how to write a good Amazon review will help your reviewer rank go up. For those that welcome review items, this can have an impact on what products you're offered. Like any other type of review, it's important to pay attention to detail. While an Amazon review may be similar to a blog review, it has a number of differences as well. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking … [Read more...]

How to Pitch Back So It’s Worth It

Do you know how to pitch back? When I first started blogging, I got so excited when I received an email offering me something. It was almost like Christmas every day. Now that I've been blogging for nine years, pitches and emails can become overwhelming very quickly. I certainly don't want to miss out on a good opportunity that fits my site, but I need to be efficient and effective with how I answer my emails. This post contains affiliate links, … [Read more...]

4 Expert Tips for Using a DSLR

I'm sharing a few expert tips for using a DSLR camera. Several years ago, I invested in a Canon Rebel T2i to improve my photography. At the time, I thought that having a better camera was all I really needed to improve my photos. Of course, I learned that there are a lot of other variables involved in the quality of your photos. Here are just a few. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after … [Read more...]

How to Improve Your Day With Lighting

Have you ever wondered what makes you have a bad day at work or how to improve your day? There are lots of things that affect how you feel about work. Maybe it’s as simple as someone bringing in donuts as a special treat one day. Or having the chance to enjoy lunch with a co-worker. That can turn a bad day into a good one quickly. But, there are other factors that might be affecting your workday world that are more subtle but impact you every … [Read more...]