Use an Animation Storyboard Template

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Have you ever considered using an animation storyboard template? Engagement is king when it comes to blogging and social media. Getting people to like, comment and share your creations helps with exposure and reach. But, more and more, people don’t necessarily share photos. They share stories they can relate to.

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Using an Animation Storyboard Template for Your Photos

Animation Storyboard Template

A storyboard is a sequence of photos or images with text that tells a story. Think of it as an Instagram story. You share a series of photos with text and hashtags to show your reader a mini story about a brand or your life.

For the most part, I create each storyboard from scratch every time I make one which can be labor intensive. It’s possible to use an animation storyboard template to save time and create a cohesive look for your blog or social media channel.


You can use a storyboard for photos and videos. And, by adding animation, you can make your work stand out from the crowd on Facebook and Instagram. Animoto’s 3 new storyboard templates feature sharp cuts and stylish text effects designed for story-heavy, viral-style content that will get your content shared.

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There are dozens of professionally designed video styles and an extensive library of commercially licensed music. Now, check out the video for a few tips on how to customize your storyboard video template using Animoto.

And, Animoto is very easy to use. You can start with one of their pre-built storyboards or you can create your own from scratch. You can upload images or video clips and then add text. It has loads of personalization options and you can use their music or add your own. Plus, each type of storyboard focuses on a different type of business whether you want to make your product stand out or highlight your business services

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