6 Powerful resources for the experienced blogger

6 Most Powerful Resources for the Experienced Blogger

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Finding resources for the experienced blogger can be a challenge. When I first started blogging, there were tips, books, and classes everywhere I looked to learn from. After a while, I noticed that they all started to sound the same, and I got less out of them. I have found that each of these resources for the experienced blogger offers something that I didn’t get somewhere else. This post does contain affiliate links.

6 Powerful resources for the experienced blogger

Resources for the Experienced Blogger

By experienced blogger, I mean someone that has been doing this for a few years. They feel comfortable editing their posts in the text view and have a basic knowledge of HTML. They know that sparkly cursors, unicorns that dance across the page and auto video players are never a good idea.

  • Courage to Earn: Finding the Confidence to Make, Do and Earn More – One of my biggest problems was a lack of self-confidence to make changes and create a unique blog that really fit who I was. This class will help you figure out what you want and then give you the self-confidence to move forward and achieve your goals. Click here to view more details
  • Pitch Session. If the thought of reaching out to brands and PR companies fills you with dread, you’ll want this e-Book. You will learn how to pitch companies and how to respond and counter pitch their email. You’ll learn how to pitch partnerships, collaborations and sponsored posts.Click here to view more details
  • Elite Blog Academy. This is by far one of the most helpful classes I’ve taken. It does have valuable information that will benefit a less experienced blogger, but there is a lot of information you won’t want to miss even if you’ve been blogging for several years. You can sign up to be on the waiting list and request a free e-Book. Click here to view more details
  • Pinning Perfect. This is literally everything you need to know about driving traffic to your blog using Pinterest. I learned so much with this one about creating images and branding that it’s definitely on my recommended list. Click here to view more details
  • Content Brew. Evergreen content is a term you hear regularly and this class really gets into details about how to create content that your readers will want to read. Click here to view more details
  • Skyrocket Blog Pageviews With Google Analytics – This is an e-Book rather than a course but I found it extremely helpful. If you struggle with understanding what all the information in Google Analytics actually is and how to use it, you’ll want this e-Book. Click here to view more details.

I’d love to know which e-Books and courses you’ve found most helpful.

6 Powerful resources for the experienced blogger

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  1. I’ve always wanted to learn more about Google Analytics, these tools are really going to help me. What are some of your personal blogging goals for this year?

    • One of my biggest goals this year is to really understand what analytics & insights & the other stats programs are telling me and then use that information to create more content that my readers really want to read. Hope a few of these will help you too!

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