how to create a unique brand look on Pinterest

How to Create a Unique Brand Look on Pinterest

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Last Updated on December 28, 2017 by Ellen

As a blogger, one of the questions I’ve wondered is how to create a unique brand. There are a lot of bloggers out there. Even if you narrow down the field to bloggers in my particular niche that are about the same size I am, there are still a lot of bloggers out there. How do I stand out from the rest? How can I be better seen in the sea of bloggers out there? One of the ways is by learning how to create a unique brand on Pinterest.

How to Create a Unique Brand Look on Pinterest

How to Create a Unique Brand Look on Pinterest

I love Pinterest, and it can be an excellent source of traffic with the right images. It can also be a waste of time with the wrong pictures. This year, I have been working on creating a brand. Just like the Green Giant logo is the same for all of their products, I want the look of all of my material to have a similar feel. Since I have six sites, it can be a challenge to create a unique brand look that ties them all together.

One of the first places I’m starting is with the images I’m creating for Pinterest. In the past, I used whatever font, color and look inspired me at the moment. My pins from one day or month or blog to the next had absolutely nothing in common. No one would have been able to look at them and tell that they were all from me, my brand. This is how I’m creating a unique brand look on Pinterest:

  • Create images of a similar size. The recommended size for Pinterest is 736×1128.
  • Use a similar font. I know this can be tough since there are so many amazing fonts out there. Try to pick one or two and stick to it.
  • What’s your style? You could be known for the rustic look of your images or perhaps the fresh cut flowers you put in every photo or maybe the owls you collect or that you only wear bright red lipstick in your fashion photos. Pick something and try to incorporate it into as many images as you can.
  • Don’t pin every single post. Not every post belongs on Pinterest. If a brand provides images for a post that don’t fit your look (and they don’t require it), consider not pinning that post.
  • Switch to a business account from a personal account. Having a business account allows you to track analytics and performance of your pins. You can use that information to see what style pins are repinned the most and generate the most clicks through to your site.
  • Use the same profile image on your Pinterest (and other social media accounts) that you do on your blog. You want your readers to know “you” not a picture of your son or the field behind your house.
  • Use your name or your blog name. If you have only one property (blog) it’s OK to pick that as your Pinterest name. If, however, you have multiple blogs, plus a work at home business, and you Freelance, you may want to consider using your name on your Pinterest account, so it doesn’t limit you.
  • Look at your bio. Pinterest gives you 160 characters to create a bio. Tell me who you are. What are your interests? What do you pin? What is your passion? Be sure to include your blog name!
  • Check your pin board cover images. Each Pinterest board gives you the option to select a cover image. If you don’t pick one, Pinterest picks one for you. Make sure they are all attractive and have the same branded look.

Do you have any tips on how to create a unique brand look on Pinterest?

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  1. I need to develop a consistent look for my pins. Thanks for the reminder of why even bloggers need to consider their brand and how they approach social media with it.

  2. I’ve been focusing a lot of effort on Pinterest lately, which I hadn’t in the past. I’m seeing great results and look forward to using these tips to help me grow even more!

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