Spinning Articles to Save Time Writing

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Last Updated on November 5, 2022 by Ellen

Have you considered spinning articles? Are you not sure what the term actually means? We’ve all been there. You have a blog you’ve neglected for a while and you need to get unique content up quickly so it doesn’t look abandoned. Or, you have had to take on another job to make a bit of extra money and you now have less time to spend on your blog. Either way, you need an article and you need it faster than you can write it.

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Spinning Articles

So, what does spinning articles mean? When you spin an article, you re-write an article to make it original and avoid duplicate content issues which are not good for SEO. Some bloggers purchase pre-written articles from a VA or article writing service. Often, these articles are not unique. They are sold to multiple bloggers. If you copy and paste the article directly as is, you risk having the same content that another blogger has.

Where can you find articles to spin

In order to start spinning, you need to find an original article. Please DO NOT randomly find an article on another blog or website and use that. You can either purchase an article from a VA (virtual assistant) or you can purchase private label rights articles (PLR).

Whatever you do, you should be sure to begin with an article that you have permission to use. There are 1,000’s Of Resell Rights Products out there that you can begin with on a huge variety of topics.

How to spin an article

When you spin an article, you are basically re-writing each sentence so that it is original content. It may take a bit of time to get used to the process if you’re new. But, once you are used to spinning articles, you’ll be able to do quite a few in a small amount of time. Here are two examples of spinning a sentence.

Start with this sentence from above:

Spinning an article is a process used to re-write an article to make it original and avoid duplicate content issues which are not good for SEO.

You will re-write it to make it unique to you:

Spinning an article means that you will be re-writing that article so that it is original and avoids duplicate content issues that can harm your SEO.

By re-writing or spinning an article, you will be creating unique content that avoids the SEO penalties associated with duplicate content.

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Note about SEO

You want to be sure that you aren’t changing the SEO of the article if it is already SEO optimized when you spin it. If the keyword for the original article is spinning an article, you want to be sure it remains in your re-written sentence. Note that I have kept that keyword in the two new sentences.

Is article spinning legal?

If you’re wondering if article spinning is legal or not, it is provided you have the right to use the article you begin with. Please do not ever begin with another writer’s content unless they have given you permission. Plagiarism is not legal. You will also need to find free photographs that you have permission to use.

Spun content checker

When you’re done spinning your article, I highly recommend that you run it through a spun content checker like Grammarly to make sure that it is not still seen as duplicate content. Duplicate content is not good for your SEO. I really think that it is the best plagiarism checker and proofreader.

So, I hope that I’ve helped explain what article spinning is and how you can get started. If you have questions, feel free to contact me!

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