Earn with Online Focus Groups

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Have you ever considered joining an online focus group to share your opinion and earn extra money? Find out more here.

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Earn with Online Focus Groups to Share Opinions

Online Focus Groups

After all, brands want to know what consumers think and value when it comes to products they sell. What better way to share your thoughts and opinions than by joining a focus group.

Participating in online focus groups is an easy way to earn extra money. Unlike a survey which is one person clicking a few answers and earning a dollar or two for their time, a focus group generally pays better. Plus, a focus group is usually a group of people participating and answering the same questions.

Brands use focus groups to do market research. They may be developing a new product or service and want to know what types of features or functions consumers want in that type of product.

How does a focus group work?

In most cases, you will apply to join the focus group and answer a few simple questions about yourself. The moderator or brand will evaluate your responses and then invite you to join the focus group that best fits you. You’ll participate and answer questions, and then be paid.
Earn with Online Focus Groups to Share Opinions

How much can I earn in a focus group?

What you’re paid will depend on the focus group you join. I have been working with Ripple which is part of C-Space to help recruit people to join their online focus group. You can sign up to participate today.

Join the online focus group

As a member of Ripple, you will receive opportunities to work with C Space in their efforts to recruit people for their clients’ research communities.

If you are selected for a Ripple opportunity, you will be asked to share a link to a C Space recruitment screener on the social media platforms of your choice. You will be compensated between $75-$125 each opportunity for promoting on your social platforms. The top three influencers who drive the most signups for the opportunity will receive an additional compensation.

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