National Clean Up Your Desk Day

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Have you heard of National Clean Up Your Desk Day? If not, I wanted to let you know that it’s January 8th this year. It is the second Monday in January, and it’s an opportunity for everyone to start the New Year with a clean, organized desk. Why would you want a clean, organized desk? It will help you be more productive and focused.

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National Clean Up Your Desk Day [6 Tips to Get Started]

National Clean Up Your Desk Day

Did you know that research shows that people who are organized are often more productive? Just imagine how wonderful it would be to know exactly where everything was without searching for it.

No more frustration of hunting through piles of paper for that receipt you know is around here somewhere. No more spilled cups of coffee because there isn’t a clear spot on your desk to place it safely. So, how do you get started celebrating National Clean Up Your Desk Day?

Remove the trash

The first thing to do is to remove any trash that’s on your desk. Do you have empty coffee cups? Empty envelopes from the mail you have processed already? Magazines that are four months old that you never read? Throw them away or recycle them when possible.

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A place for everything

Put things where they belong. Are there things on your desk that don’t go there? Should your supplements go in the medicine chest? Should the books be on the bookcase? Take a few minutes to put everything where it really belongs.

File papers

You would think that in today’s digital world we would have a lot less paper. But, that isn’t always the case. There’s nothing wrong with keeping papers that you need. But, they should be filed and not stacked on the corner of your desk. Create folders for papers you commonly need to hold onto such as expenses, income, and contracts. Then, file papers that have been handled. Or, handle papers that need to be dealt with.

Like with like

The next step is to keep similar items together. If you have paper clips scattered randomly, get a small container to keep them all in. The same holds true for binder clips, sticky message pads, batteries, notepads and rubber bands. Put all of your pens and highlighters in one places. this will make it easier to find things when you need them.

National Clean Up Your Desk Day [6 Tips to Get Started]

What stays

Not everything needs to be on top of your desk. It’s entirely possible to keep your hand lotion in your drawer and your to-do list on a bulletin board. My goal for my desk is my light, postal scale, planner, telephone, iPhone charger, and SEO reference sheet. Am I always successful? No. But that is what I work for at the end of the day.

Clean it

Now that your desk is hopefully clear, it’s time to dust and clean it. You’ll find that it is much easier to clean an organized desk than one that’s covered with clutter.

Now that you know how to celebrate National Clean Up Your Desk Day, how long will you keep it like this?

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