4 Selfie Stick Alternatives

Selfie Stick Alternatives

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Many attractions are beginning to ban selfie sticks which led me to ask “Are there selfie stick alternatives?” While the ban started slowly, Disney recently announced a ban on selfie sticks after a passenger on one of their roller-coasters took out a selfie stick. The roller coaster was shut down due to safety concerns.

4 Selfie Stick Alternatives

Selfie Stick Alternatives

Selfie sticks are used to move phone cameras further away from you in order to get a better “selfie” or self portrait. If you’ve ever tried to take a selfie, you’ve probably found that getting your whole face along with whatever background or other person you want in the photo is definitely a challenge. This is applies not only to those that enjoy snapping photos of themselves on vacation but also for bloggers who use selfie sticks to take photos of their outfit of the day or of them promoting their client’s products.

Thankfully, there are a few selfie stick alternatives you can try.

  • Have someone else take the picture. This is the easiest alternative. Simply ask someone else to take your picture. If that’s not possible in your situation, keep reading.
  • Use a timer on your camera. Grab a tripod and use the timer on your camera to delay taking the photo. Get in position and snap. iOS 8 for iPhones has a camera timer included.
  • Try a stick and shoot camera. Several have been popping up in the last few months. The most popular one I’ve seen is the Podo which is in kickstarter stage right now.
  • Try an app. The CamMe Selfie App lets you gesture to your iPhone to tell it when to take a photo. Just set up your phone, get everyone in place and gesture. Best of all, it’s free on iTunes for iPhones and iPads.

While many attractions including Disney, Coachella, The Kentucky Derby and Wimbledon have all banned selfie sticks, there are many places that still allow their use. If using a selfie stick is that important to you, you can simply choose an attraction that allows their use. Or, you can visit Disney and just take photos of people and things other than yourself.

4 Selfie Stick Alternatives

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  1. I must be the only person who has never taken a selfie. Those stick and shoot cameras are interesting and I hadn’t seen them before. I always thought those selfie sticks were dangerous and would poke someone, especially the crowds we have here. I won’t miss them.

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