Feng Shui Home Office Tips

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Looking for Feng Shui home office tips? Learn how to set up your office space using Feng Shui principles for the best results.

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Looking for Feng Shui home office tips? Learn how to set up your office space using Feng Shui principles for the best results.

Feng Shui Home Office Tips

Your home office is your second home, so you want it to be a place that inspires and motivates you. Your office should also reflect the best of who you are and what you do.

With Feng Shui, it’s even better because with some simple tips for setting up your office space based on the principles of Feng Shui you can make your office more efficient, productive, and pleasing to the eye.

No worries, you don’t need to be a Feng Shui master to get good feng shui for your working space.

Your mission is to create a workspace that will speed up your workflow and be conducive to creativity. Your feng shui home office layout can influence this.

And, your choice of colors can help you get all this. But be sure to choose them carefully, as the wrong color combinations could be a disaster for your workday … and so can the wrong placement of objects and symbols.

a green coffee mug and buddah sand garden on a desk

Helpful tips for positive energy

A Feng Shui expert says that by applying simple Feng Shui tips for shape, colors, and utilizing other lighting effects you can create a harmonious balance in your home office.

If you work at home, there is no building code dictating what you should do with your desk and office space. The only critical factor here is the safety of the room itself, that it’s large enough for equipment, traffic flow, and access from other rooms.

However, with a little know-how, you can easily transform any room into a fabulous home office by eliminating negative energy. Learn more about soundproofing office walls.

What is feng shui?

In Feng Shui practice, shapes and colors have specific meanings and if used properly they can bring good luck to the person who works there. Follow these tips to create a Feng Shui work space.

A table designed with round edges will increase your wealth because an octagon or round table brings financial success. This is a great option.

Looking for Feng Shui home office tips? Learn how to set up your office space using Feng Shui principles for the best results.

Feng shui home office direction

You should place your desk in the South-East sector of the room to further enhance its wealth-building qualities while putting a green plant or an aquarium with goldfish will generate wealth and abundance.

Gold colors bring good luck so you can include them somewhere in your home office design for increased prosperity.

Always use “soft” or neutral lighting when it comes to Feng shui because too much light can be annoying and depressing.

Lighting that is dimmer or warmer will be calming, while bright lights are energizing; however, too much light can cause eyestrain, so place your desk facing a window or install skylights for natural light.

Looking for Feng Shui home office tips? Learn how to set up your office space using Feng Shui principles for the best results.

What are the elements of Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is built upon eight major elements – fire, earth, metal, wood, water, and wood being most important – so you want to use these concepts when setting up your office.

The Chinese elements of Feng Shui apply to both colors and shapes as well as five basic elements such as water, fire, earth, metal, and wood; therefore you should use them in your design.

Water is the element that brings good fortune and happiness to a space so try to include it somewhere in your work area. This desktop waterfall is ideal.

Try placing a fish tank near your desk area and make sure it is not close to the window because the direct sun will heat up the water too much, damaging or killing your goldfish.

Another element that should be used in your home office is wood. This element brings vitality to an area so you need to include it in your home office design.

Color is also an important element in Feng Shui so you need to be aware of what color represents what element. You can consultant a Feng Shui consultant if you feel overwhelmed.

What are the best Feng shui colors?

The best colors are blue, green, and purple because they represent water which brings good luck, prosperity, and happiness. Also, green represents the wood element which is a symbol of growth and stability.

Blue, as well as purple colors, represent a metal element that brings communication, long-distance travel luck, and good health. Either of these will work for a feng shui home office area.

The best feng shui color for office areas is gold. Gold is the best Feng Shui color for attracting money because it is associated with a fire element that represents wealth.

Of course, you don’t need to paint your entire office these colors. If you want home office colors for feng shui, you can create an accent wall.

What about the element of shape?

According to these principles, different shapes also bring good luck so you can include them in your office area.

The best shape is round because it represents cycles and change as well as money and prosperity so try using a round table or painting one wall of your room with a circular design.

Another shape that brings good luck is an inverted triangle because it represents the element of water that brings prosperity, so try to place your desk or storage area so that its shape resembles an inverted triangle.

The best Feng shui color for conceiving new ideas is green because this color represents wood which is associated with growth and stability. You can add this easily with a variety of plants.

a woman working at a laptop

Remove clutter

Your office should be simple and elegant because a clutter-free space promotes better wealth luck. It is important to think about Feng shui basics when designing your home office.

You will feel better if you have clean surroundings so try to keep your home office organized and tidy because this will also bring good luck. Clutter is never good for productivity.

Although Feng Shui colors are important, it is best to decorate your home office with warm colors because cold colors represent the metal element that may bring health problems.

Feng Shui home offices should always have windows or skylights for better flow of chi energy which represents good luck and prosperity in life.

You can use supplementary lighting if you need to. Many office spaces don’t allow for natural lighting. Having a well lit office shouldn’t be difficult with all of the options available online.

What should a Feng Shui office have in it?

Your home office should have plants because this brings prosperity, harmony, beauty, and peace to your surroundings.

Certain colors should also be used like red for boosting energy and passion or white for removing bad chi. This can have a big impact on your work life balance.

You should never place a bed in a home office because it symbolizes the loss of money and this is never good for business. This means your work area should not be in your bedroom.

You should also not place a toilet near your office area because it represents a loss of money and bad Feng shui.

Home offices should always be facing the front door or another important room in the house like the kitchen or living room to bring more luck. Take some time to think about Feng shui basics when designing your home office space. The more important the area, the better.

a woman working at a desk in command position

What is the command position?

According to Feng shui, the command or power position is where you need to place your desk or work area. This is because it represents power and authority in life so placing this area correctly brings good luck and more success.

Best Feng Shui office layout

Feng shui has a lot to say about placing your desk or workstation. According to these principles, placing your desk in a commanding position is very important for job success and promotions. The command position can also bring more money luck to you.

The best office layout should always include the command position because it brings good luck and success to the area.

If you are looking for a way to incorporate Feng shui into your home office design, make sure to include your desk in this ideal position.

Other types of furniture can include high back chairs, sofas for chilling out, filing cabinets, bookcases to store important documents in, and also plants.

Good air circulation

This is very important for an office because this brings good luck and happiness. It can also help to bring you more energy.

A wide window that lets in lots of natural light should be included as well to bring more chi or life energy into the home office. This will also help to remove any bad energies from your surrounding environment.

You may also want to consider using essential oils or an air purifier.

a goldfish in a round tank

Feng Shui home office principles

When you are working in an area that is very important to your career success, take some time to think about all of these things before you begin to apply Feng Shui. The little things matter because they bring good luck.

Do not neglect the little things in Feng Shui because they can bring you great wealth and prosperity when it comes to your career success. The more detailed you are, the more money luck you will have in your business.

Feng Shui basics are important for professional happiness so take some time to think about all these things before you begin your office design. It is a very important area of your house.

If you have been having problems with your business or professional goals, then it may be best to hire a Feng Shui expert to help you redesign your office for better luck and success.

Feeling overwhelmed? Check out a few of these resources.

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