Downline Organizer that’s Printable for MLM

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Have you been looking for a downline organizer? Yes, there are expensive software packages out there to organize your downline for your MLM business. But, what if you’re just starting out and don’t have that type of budget? You still need to organize your MLM downline to be effective.

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Downline Organizer that's Printable for Your MLM Business

Downline Organizer

So, why do you need a downline organizer? If you expect to make big money with your MLM business, you will need a downline. In an MLM company, your downline refers to the people you recruit after you’ve joined.

You will earn a percentage of your downline members earnings and their referrals. So, you can see how it’s essential to grow and organize your downline to make more money.

This simple downline organizer is a brainstorming tool for network marketing that will help you identify those that you can bring into your MLM business. Once you have recruited them, you will need to teach them the same principles that you used to develop your own MLM business.

Once you’ve added that new person to your downline and set them up to be successful, it’s time to move on. You can then continue the process to expand your downline and earn more from referrals or earnings.

But, it’s important that you don’t move too quickly. Having a huge downline where no one actually earns money won’t help you. You need to be sure that your downline is set up to be successful.

A downline organizer is only useful if you make sure each level is trained. That’s one of the most important aspects when working with MLM companies.

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Direct sales planner

Having a specific direct sales planner can be a huge help when it comes to getting organized. You don’t want to have to hunt through your personal appointments and information to find your download organizer or your recruit’s phone number.

But, you can create your own MLM downline organizer if you like. You may want to include your business building checklist, and your MLM follow up system sheet.

Of course, you should also include your most popular catalogs, sales sheets, and your business cards so you have everything in one place. This is very important if you own your own business and want to increase your downline signups.

Downline Organizer that's Printable for Your MLM Business

But, you can also purchase a direct sales planner if you want something that’s ready-made. In that case, you can include your printables in a pouch in the back of your planner to access them easily.

Of course, I also know a lot of women who swear by the Passion Planner as part of their MLM Business. So, if you’re wondering what a Passion Planner is, let me explain.

A Passion Planner is a goal-setting planner that helps you break down both your long-term and your short-term goals. It encourages you to plan for your future.

But, it also encourages you to consider your past and act on the present. This can be very helpful in the direct selling industry.

Passion Planner Video

Because it focuses on goal setting – past, present, and future – it’s the ideal planner for someone who is trying to plan for their MLM, network or other types of small businesses. In addition to your standard calendar, a Passion Planner has areas that encourage you to create roadmaps for various goals.

And, it offers both weekly and monthly calendar layouts that will allow you to get more organized. Plus, it has a section that allows you to reflect on your decisions and the actions you took.

This will help you create your roadmap and plan for the following week. Multi-level marketing is a billion-dollar industry. You can take advantage of this if your direct selling goals are organized.

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Why use a planner and a downline organizer

I really appreciate the fact that the Passion Planner is available in both a dated and undated format. For someone who works, juggles a family and tries to run a small business, you may not need to use your planner every single day. It’s a great saving to be able to use more or less as you need it.

So, the Passion Planner is a great planner. But, if you’re looking for something that has specific features for a direct sales or MLM business, you will probably need to print out your own.

I haven’t found a planner that has all of the printables a direct sales rep will need. So, what you can do is start with a Passion Planner. And, then add a few printables like the Downline organizer to get started.

Just download it here and print out your own copy. I hope it helps you get organized today! And, here are some tips to build your downline.

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