Build Your Downline to Grow Holiday Income

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Are you wondering how to build your downline? As the holidays get closer, many people in direct sales are hoping to grow their holiday income. One of the best ways to do this is by expanding your downline to include more people.

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Build Your Downline to Grow Holiday Income #DirectSales #MLM

Build Your Downline

If you want to build your downline, you’re not alone. We all want to build our downlines fast. But, with all of the get rich quick schemes out there, many people think that this just isn’t possible.

Don’t believe their stories. There’s no magic button you can push to build your downline. It’s a matter of hard work. And, it uses many of the same techniques that have been used for decades.

Of course, there are some differences today than there were twenty years ago. With the invention of the internet and social media, who have a whole new frontier to explore. In the past, we used word of mouth and newspaper ads. If we were large enough, we may have explored radio or television.

So, what’s the first step?

Building your downline starts with one person

That’s right. The first step is to simply recruit one reliable person that will be able to network for you and spread the word. You need to get them up to speed as quickly as possible. But, don’t just train them to sell the product. Train them to create their own downline. As they expand their downline, you will expand yours.

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Get the right person for the job

If the person you recruited is a great salesperson but isn’t great at expanding their downline, recruit another person and repeat. Don’t rely solely on the person immediately beneath you. You can expand outward as well as downward. Continue to train them so that they are capable of creating their own downline. But, don’t let their limitations hinder your growth.

Find a leader for your group

Ideally, you will have one person that you can rely on who is capable of motivating and organizing all of the people in your downline. You don’t want to put in 80 hours a week. You want others to put in 80 hours a week for you. Continue searching until you find that one leader. Build your downline as you go.

Are you wondering how to build your downline? As the holidays get closer, many people in direct sales are hoping to grow their holiday income. #MLM #DirectSales

Continue mining for new leads

Each new person that you recruit will have a list of their own friends, family, and contacts. Each of these people is a potential sale or potential new recruits. Your downline should be like the roots of a tree. it should continue to grow and expand over time.

How to get started

In order to get started, it helps to incorporate online and in-person recruiting. You will want to set up a simple website to gather information. You can share this site on social media, leave flyers in area businesses, or visit forums where you’re allowed to leave a link. Then, follow up with the leads that inquire about your opportunity. It’s helpful to set up some sort of drip campaign with your newsletter service to automate the entire process. Less work is good.

Build Your Downline to Grow Holiday Income #MLM #DirectSales

Free printable to build your downline

One of the most important parts of learning to build your downline is to keep track of the details. I’ve always found it helpful to keep things in writing. I’m a visual person. Seeing something in front of me serves as a reminder more than if I put something in a Word file on the computer.

If you want to build your downline, you can print out this downline tracker that will help you keep track of each person and each potential lead.

How to effectively recruit downlines

To effectively recruit downlines, you need to have an MLM follow-up system that works. Once you have the contacts, it’s simply a matter of reaching out, providing persuasive information, and then following up. Of course, it also helps to organize your downline so this printable downline organizer is a great place to get started. And, check out these MLM Business Tips.

How did you choose the best direct sales company when you first started researching MLM businesses? Here are a few you might want to consider. I hope this helps you get started.

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