What Should I Do When Blogging is Slow?

What Should I Do When Blogging is Slow?

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I cannot be the only one that is asking “What should I do when blogging is slow?” I mean when work is busy, there is always too much that needs to be done and we wish for a break. But, it seems like things have been slower in the blogosphere this year and that means more time to do other types of work at home activities. But, what?

What Should I Do When Blogging is Slow?

What Should I Do When Blogging is Slow?

Of course, just because paid blogging work is slow doesn’t mean that you cannot continue to post. Yes, we all need to be paid for our work. But, posting non-sponsored content is good too. If you’re looking for ways to make extra money, that probably won’t help much unless you get amazing pageviews from ads or sell a few affiliate products at the same time. So, here are a few more ideas.

Update old posts

If you update old pots, you encourage new visitors and get more traffic. This can help your search engine presence which can help you earn more money in the future. Remember to work on the SEO and the photos. You can check out my list of what I do to update old posts.

Learn a new skill

Learning something new is always a good idea. And, it’s an even better idea if you can turn that into an income or at least a few extra dollars. Here are several work-at-home ideas that you might want to consider.

Sell something

Do you need to declutter? Have your kids outgrown their clothes or their toys? Take time to have a yard sale, list things on eBay, look into retail arbitrage or reserve space at a flea market.

Cut expenses

If you think that this slowdown may be more long-term than your budget can handle, consider cutting your expenses. Can you cut the cable? Lower the rate on your cell phone plan? Could you cut your hosting plan or use your VA fewer hours a week? Take a look at this list of home business expenses to see what you can cut.

Start to freelance

What do you do well that someone else can pay you to do? Could you offer your services as a VA? Take photographs for someone? Create printables or graphics? Write copy for another website? Now is the time to think outside of the box.

When blogging is slow, it’s time to look outside of the box and try to figure out what you can to make your situation better.

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