Blogger Hacks and Tricks to Save Time

Blogger Hacks and Tricks to Save Time

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People ask me all the time how I manage to do as much as I do. I generally answer with “lots of coffee” but to be honest it’s really simply by using various blogger hacks and tricks to save time.  We all only have 24 hours in our day. By using a few tricks we can make it look like we have more.

Blogger Hacks and Tricks to Save Time

Blogger Hacks and Tricks to Save Time

One of my very favorite time savers is using IFTTT which stands for If Then, Then That. It’s a tool that lets you create recipes that trigger an action when another action happens. For example, I have one that posts all my Instagram pictures to my Tumblr page. I also have one that posts every blog post – on all my blogs – to my Tumblr page. It’s automatic. I don’t have to do anything at all for it to happen.

So, how do you use IFTT?

People use IFTTT for many different reasons both for blogging and life. I could spend hours on there checking out my options. Did you know you can have your phone welcome you home every time you return home? Or that you can mute your ringer at bed time? Or how about tracking your sleep with a Google spreadsheet? The possibilities are endless.

You can create your own recipes or you can simply copy those that others have already created which is what I do because it’s quicker. Here are a few blogger hacks and tricks I use on IFTTT to save time. Feel free to copy mine to use them.

IFTTT works with a variety of sites and apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Gmail, Hue, etsy, Tumblr, Fitbit, Vimeo,, etc. The more connected your home and your life are, the more options you have.

For more time saving tricks, visit a few of my favorite blogs:

Blogger Hacks and Tricks to Save Time

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7 thoughts on “Blogger Hacks and Tricks to Save Time

  1. I’ve always wondered if IFTTT was any good. I see it recommended a lot, but the whole “recipe” thing freaks me out, lol. I’m definitely going to check it out more! Thanks for all the info!

    • Start out by copying someone else’s until you feel you understand it well enough to make your own.

  2. Hi Ellen!
    Thank you for this great tip! I’m going to try it out; I never seem to have enough time and am always looking to boost productivity!

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