Tastefully Simple Consultant Opportunities

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Have you thought about becoming a Tastefully Simple consultant? Direct sales can be a wonderful way for you to earn a bit more money. Or, if you prefer, you can turn it into a full-time job. It really all depends on how motivated you are.

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Tastefully Simple Consultant Opportunities

Tastefully Simple Consultant

Tastefully Simple is a direct sales company that sells meal kits and other types of prepared foods. They’re sold through a network of direct sales consultants who hold parties and sell directly to consumers.

You can shop in almost any category of food products you can imagine. They are very affordable and their spices are high quality.

How much commission does a Tastefully Simple consultant make?

As with most direct sales companies, consultants are paid based on commission for the products they sell. While earnings will vary, Tastefully Simple offers up to 30% or up to 40% commission on sales.

If you want to become a work at home consultant, this is an amazing opportunity. Home party consultant opportunities offer a great opportunity to earn extra money from home.

How much does it cost to join Tastefully Simple?

In order to become a consultant, you will need to pay $99. And, you can start your business with the purchase of the Business Blast Off Kit. (The Business Blast Off Kit includes their best-selling 10-meal Kit, the Cutting Carbs 10-Meal Kit)

This will allow you to create some of the recipes at the parties that you hold. Your guests will be more encouraged to buy things once they taste how delicious they are. You just need to add some type of protein.

This is one of the most popular food direct sale business opportunities. Many direct sales companies in the food category hold tasting parties.

Tastefully Simple Consultant Opportunities

Tastefully Simple Recipes

Unlike some other direct sales food companies, Tastefully Simple has a large range of different types of recipes to appeal to a broad customer base. Plus, they have recipes that appeal to those on specific diets or with food intolerances.

You can find products that are gluten-free, vegetarian, lightened up, kid-friendly, and freezer meals. There is literally something for everyone whether you want to take some of the work out of mealtime or you want to make planning a party a little bit easier.

Buy investing in one of the Tastefully Simple Consultant kits, you will be able to show your guests how good these recipes really are.

Tastefully Simple Party

Once you’ve signed up to become a Tastefully Simple consultant, you will want to throw your first party. You’ll need to get your kit and decide which recipes to make.

Tasting is a big part of these types of parties. You can also share a few tips and tricks for making the recipes. Their website and social media channels are great places to learn more.

And, you’ll need to invite friends to your party. Be sure to stock up on catalogs to pass out. You can also share the online catalog if you prefer.

The best part is that you earn free products when your friends purchase from you (along with your commission). So, be sure to use these products for future parties to keep your expenses down.

You will want to stock up on a variety of different types of products. Don’t choose all desserts or all entrees. They have dips, cakes, sauces, herbs, soups, meal kits, and gift boxes.

Tastefully Simple Consultant Opportunities

Have an online party

Of course, you don’t have to have a party in person if that’s not your thing. You can have an online party instead. You will still need to purchase one of the kits. And, I would encourage you to make the recipes and take photos to get people hungry to try the products.

For every $100 in products you sell, you can earn $10 in free products! Sign up to be a consultant here.

Is Tastefully Simple an MLM?

Yes, Tastefully Simple is a multi level marketing company in the direct selling industry that sells easy to prepare pantry mixes and food products.

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